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finalists of the design contest 2021

the experience

a project by Milton Royan Gabriel

The Experience by Milton Royan Gabriel is the study of a modular interior environment dedicated to the vehicles of the future. The seat can be more traditional or hammock-like for longer trips where self-driving comes into play. Alcantara is used as upholstery and has small air bubbles in its weave that can inflate and deflate to increase comfort and better take the shape of the passenger’s body.

the experience

a project by Milton Royan Gabriel

alcantara c1

a project by Adam Cal

bau paradice

a project by Shota Ozaki


a project by Takumi Matsuo

classic future

a project by Ryousuke Uemura

alcantara alveare

a project by Saahil Kapoor

music concept

a project by Ryoga Kihsimoto


a project by Alba Leary

alcantara new material use

a project by Marian Vasile Dragos


a project by Vladimir Pavlov