Auto&Design is a highly specialised magazine that has been a constant point of reference for the design world for more than four decades. Ahead of its time, the magazine had all the characteristics of a global product since its first issue, published in November 1979. The text was entirely bilingual, in Italian and English, a feature that meant it could be immediately distributed all over the world.

Another innovation was the images: sketches, drawings and models of the cars. All original and exclusive materials supplied by the style centres that had created the various projects and with which Auto&Design was able to build a relationship of trust, becoming - in the designers' words - the "bible of car design".

Today Auto&Design (which also has a website with all the latest news from the car design world is always there on the tables of automobile manufacturers’ design centres throughout the world, of independent studios, and of industrial design consultancy service companies, as well as being a reference publication for universities and specialist schools.

From cars to boats, lifestyle to mobility design, product design to outfitting, Auto & Design’s contents focus on analysing the project, from the initial idea to the final product, illustrated through original research drawings and style models, with specific sections dedicated to new materials, user experience, and innovative technologies.

The regular readers of Auto&Design throughout the world are distinguished by a medium-high level of education, attention to innovation and to high quality products, as well as a passion for the automobile and its creative processes. Design centres, design and engineering studios, specialised schools and universities are some of its main readership areas.

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"Auto&Design – Il progetto raccontato"

When the first issue of Auto&Design was published, in the Autumn of 1979, no one yet imagined the profound transformations that the arrival of digital technology would stamp on the magazine’s two relevant sectors: publishing and car design. Our magazine’s forty-year history, with the attendant evolution of automobile style, are gathered together in the volume "Auto&Design – The Story of the Project", a book that tells the story of the stylistic evolution of the last four decades through protypes, concept cars, and objects.

The book gathers together the design stories, with the original drawings, of around 20 spectacular concept cars that have made history.

The stories begin with a preface for each period, to introduce the historical moment of the models’ production through the main current events and the stylistic context of the era.