Dress your vision


from March 31 until August 31 2021

design contest

In a period in which you’re almost always barred from travelling, it’s more essential than ever to at least travel with your mind, especially if you are young and creative. Precisely with aspiring designers in mind, Auto&Design and Alcantara are organising Dress Your Vision Contest open to transportation design students and those passionate about car design - strictly non-professionals!

The goal of Dress Your Vision Contest is to research design solutions for future mobility that use Alcantara material in an innovative way, combining aesthetics and performance, a union that has always been at the centre of brand research and new frontiers for its application.

There’s space for the imagination and creativity, then, with the only limit being that of respecting the values of the Alcantara brand:

  • Global Brand
  • Made in Italy
  • Exclusive Tailor-made Approach
  • Relationship with Art Design and Creativity
  • Commitment to Sustainability.


Dress Your Vision Contest is open to aspiring designers, students and lovers of car design from anywhere in the world, who are strictly non-professionals and 18-years old as of their enrolment.

From March 31 until August 31, those who are interested in Dress Your Vision Contest can submit their project on this website.

The creative proposals will be evaluated by a jury made up of some of the leading experts in interior design and color & trim on the international scene, not just related to the automotive sector, as well as Alcantara and Auto&Design editorial team.
The winner of Dress Your Vision Contest will be announced by next 3 December 2021.


Devise design proposals for future mobility that use the Alcantara material in an innovative way.


Andrea Boragno

Chairman and CEO
Alcantara S.p.A.

Silvia Baruffaldi


Domitilla Dardi

Curator Design

Alec Ishihara

Principal (Color Materials)
& UX Designer
Video Manuele Amprimo

Manuele Amprimo

Chief Interior Design,
Color & Trim and HMI
Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

Annette Baumeister

Head Colour & Trim
Video Rossella Guasco

Rossella Guasco

Color & Material - Design

François Farion

Design Director, Colors and Materials
Groupe Renault